Our Services

Hi, I am Saiko Kitazawa, a Sharoushi, or a Labor and social security attorney.
We provide the services as follows;

1. HR Consultation

We provide legal advisory services to companies as a legal consultant.
In Japan, Labor and social insurance laws demand a wide range of obligations of employers who usually don’t have enough knowledge concerning such obligations (even Japanese employers!).
Therefore, we make them aware of the legal requirements of labor laws and procedures, which help them understand the importance of legal compliance and avoid risks of lawsuits.

2. Preparation and submission of documents related to HR department

Employers are required to make various documents to apply, notify and report to the administrative agencies under the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) by law. We take the role of proxy for clients’ legal administration.

There are various subsidies provided by government for those companies which try to improve the condition of work and run HR services properly, but the procedures of application are so complicated and often changed.
We support the companies to create the workplace environment better and apply for those subsidies which meets the condition.

3. Payroll Calculation

Payroll calculations are complicated in Japan. The companies are required to calculate the proper amount of payment including overtime fee and deduct social insurance premium and income tax from the wages.
Inappropriate calculation may cause a problem between employees, which might affect the conduct of businesses.
We conduct the calculation and make both the company and the employee satisfied with the results.

Please contact us if you are interested in!
E-mail: office@saiko-bo.com