Consulting fee

As shown in the table above, the consulting fees are based on the number of employees and the commissioned work.

If you require the setting of employment regulations or rules, the formulation of personnel evaluations, and the application of subsidies, please contact us for a separate estimate.
Please feel free to contact us.

(Tax included)

Number of employeesLabor Consulting onlyLabor Consulting+
Agency Service
Labor Consulting+Agency Service+Payroll Calculation
 ~5 People  11,000JPY22,000JPY 33,000JPY
6~10 People 16,500JPY27,500JPY55,000JPY
11~20 People22,000JPY38,500JPY77,000JPY
21~30 People27,500JPY44,000JPY99,000JPY
31~50 People33,000JPY55,000JPY121,000JPY
51~75 People44,000JPY77,000JPY154,000JPY
76~100 People55,000JPY110,000JPY220,000JPY
101~150 People66,000JPY154,000JPY187,000JPY+
Number of employees X 550JPY
151~200 People77,000JPY187,000JPY
301 People~  Consulting fee is negotiable.
  • We will provide information on legal revisions and subsidies after labor consulting.
  • We are located at Abiko, Chiba. If you would like to consult in English, we strongly suggest making an appointment in advance of a visit.
    We also offer consultation via Telephone, Email, or Video Call (ZOOM).
  • The agency service includes  Labor and Social Security, Labor insurance, and the amendment process.
    ※For the service of Annual renewal of labor insurance and The basic calculation in July, or  Year-end tax adjustment in December, a separate fee will be charged.
  • The fee for Payroll Calculation depends on the number of employees。