The subsidy, the financial support from the country, is provided to the companies that are working hard to realize the society that the country aims for.

The financial source of subsidy is employment insurance, which means that the condition for subsidy is the company will be required to join the employment insurance.

For example, if a business operator works on human resource development, thought the skills of employees will improve and employment will become stable, which will lead to social stability.

In addition, efforts to improve productivity have become an essential condition for business continuity in recent years, which is said to be a labor shortage. And the productivity improvement also will give rise to an increase in profit per cost, and result in a comfortable workplace for employees, and in the end, it leads to social development.

The government wants the business operators who make these efforts to do their best.

There are many types of subsidies and the requirements are also complex.

Moreover, since it changes frequently, it is not easy to find the right subsidy that suits your company. So, if you are considering about subsidy application, please contact us, the Labor and Social Security Attorney, the specialists of subsidy.

We will search for you whether there is any subsidy that your company can apply for, free of charge.

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